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This thread is where users can ask questions related to the functionality of our product and get answered by other customers and our staff team! This forum will allow each individual user to create a post or "thread" where their question will be solved.

In order to get a fast answer, please make sure to use the correct tag when creating your post. The following tags can be added to any post by the topic starter:

  • BSOD: Use this tag if our product is causing the Windows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) screen to appear when you run our application
  • Not Working: These threads are for users who want to report our product having issues with performance or functionality.
  • Issue: This is a post meant for users who are experiencing technical difficulties which are possibly cause by user error.
  • General Questions: This is a question that does not fall under the above categories.


  • 1. Before making a post, please make sure that your post is not a duplicate. Duplicate posts can be a huge waste of time especially if other users are facing issues that need to be solved.
  • 2. If you feel like your post has not been given enough attention, it is encouraged to bump your post by sending a message in the post itself. Please have some courtesy and do not spam.
  • 3. It is recommended to have a high quality title that actually explains the problem so people can quickly identity how to go about solving your question. Posts with low quality titles will be closed without any comment.
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