3 month user reviews HyperAIM

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I have been a customer for 3 months now, here is an honest review:


- The esp text is easy on the eyes and doesn't get too cluttered if you tune the settings.

- Aimbot works amazing! Keeping smoothing on 5 or higher helps not getting banned. 

- Low performance impact, I don't drop frames as much as other cheats

-  Raid timers/esp helps you counter raids with ease, you can see up to thousands of meters away if you change the settings.

- Magic bullet is a fun way to rage when its working

- The discord support is very responsive and reliable. Little to no issues since ive been a customer!



- The disconnections can be problematic for raiding but it doesn't happen often and you can boot back in game pretty quick

- Some of the advertised features still need to be fixed. Nothing super important but some of the addons would be nice to use


Overall, I give this cheat an 8/10! Highly recommend

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