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  4. Make a ticket in our discord and we'll reset your hardware ID https://discord.gg/DwbEShyT
  5. I buy a new computer How can I remove binding
  6. aimbot does not work on bow and crossbow
  7. 使用该软件的机器的内存一直在上升,这正常吗?
  8. 我想通过支付宝购买,但显示购买失败
  9. No we don't support win 11
  10. Just wanna doublecheck. It does not support win 11?
  11. Firstly I see the cheat comes with a spoofer which is great! what is uptime like? secondly What winvers dose it support?
  12. used hyperaim for a day now and im still not banned full raging nice cheat nice visuals and p100 cheat!!
  13. been using hyperaim for about a week and even tho it had a some small issues as every other cheat does the administration team is wuick and effective in getting you the fix for your issue. 9/10 cheat would def use again
  14. I have been a customer for 3 months now, here is an honest review: Pros: - The esp text is easy on the eyes and doesn't get too cluttered if you tune the settings. - Aimbot works amazing! Keeping smoothing on 5 or higher helps not getting banned. - Low performance impact, I don't drop frames as much as other cheats - Raid timers/esp helps you counter raids with ease, you can see up to thousands of meters away if you change the settings. - Magic bullet is a fun way to rage when its working - The discord support is very responsive and reliable. Little to no i
  15. easy to use, really good quality, and really affordable.
  16. Haven't been banned yet for rage cheating for 5 days which is is absolutely insane, normally I do get banned in minutes but this shit is something else.😂
  17. start service easy anticheat eossys failed with 31
  18. [NEW PRICES FOR RUST] HYPERAIM RUST 30 DAYS: $39.99 HYPERAIM RUST 7 DAYS: $24.99 If you are interested in purchasing an subscription visit https://hyperaim.gg/store/category/2-hyperaimgg-rust/
  19. Open a ticket in the discord
  20. Make ticket in the discord and we'll reset the key discord.gg/hyperaimgg
  21. I can't make any threads however i would like help from some support, My "lifetime key" doesn't work and i need a hwid reset since whenever i try it doesn't work, can i get some help i can give key I bought from a reseller < also this did work
  22. Not sure what's wrong with the loader but when I use the HWID spoofer loader it only seems to work about half the time the rest of the time it just goes black when I try to use kernel spoof and then I have to restart and the problem continues until I do it 10 times or so.
  23. HWID SPOOFER LIFETIME KEYS HAVE MADE A RETURN TO THE STORE https://hyperaim.gg/store/category/1-hyperaimgg-hwid-spoofer/ USE CODE "HYPER10" FOR 10% OFF ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE
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