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  1. So recently i was hwid banned on apex. i want to get a fix so i can play legit again. i heard that when i restart my pc after i spoof and stuff it will go back to my banned hwid. is there a way i can stay on my spoofer hwid? i want to be able to play legit without needing to keep buying a spoofer and using it every time i restart my pc. im kinda ignorant abt spoofers so please help me out here. is it possible for me to stay unbanned again?
  2. I was hwid banned on apex and i think it was on my normal hwid that i always used. and now i cant play apex. i know when i run a spoofer it changed my hwid but i heard that when i restart my pc my hwid will go back to the banned one since i was banned on my basicly hwid i assume. will this spoofer change back to my old banned hwid when i restart my pc? because then i would need to spoof everytime i get on apex. please help me out here im probably gonna buy but will this be a forever fix for my hwid ban?